My Story
Enagic® and Kangen Water™ changed my life for the better…
In February 2015 I had been in and around the health industry for over 20 years. During that time, I received pretty much ZERO education on water. I just thought ‘water was water’... pretty much like most people.
I was drinking whatever I could get my hands on... tap, filtered, and bottled... it really didn’t matter... as I said... ‘water was water’...
Kangen Water™
What is Kangen Water™?
Kangen Water™ is deliciously tasting clean, smooth water. It is produced via an Enagic® water filter ionizer, which also produce several other waters for your overall health.

The Enagic® units produce water which is scientifically called 'Electrolyzed Reduced Water'...
Work With Me
Distributor Support
Over my time with Enagic® I have spent an extensive period educating myself on water and the Enagic® products. I have found that many other distributors have not had this opportunity and struggle with product knowledge, or how to turn the product they love into a successful business.

I have been offering my knowledge and support to fellow Enagic® distributors all over the world, through calls and training sessions.

This is YOUR opportunity to book some time to ask any questions you may have about your Enagic® business and the products.
Membership zone
Since February 2015, I have been asked thousands of questions about Enagic®, their products, and Kangen Water™... not just from my own organization, also from people in other organizations across the world.

I have put together a hub of information that provides an Enagic® distributor with the information they need to connect units, share water and grow their business. 

Initially designed to share this information with my team, it is now available for YOU. YOU have the opportunity to be a member of a system containing all the essential information to help YOU build a large organization which duplicates with ease.  
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